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Enclave Virtual POH

Until now none of us could visualize the true dimensions and feeling of a new home before it was built. Now we can sense the height and size of rooms with actual furniture in place through an immersive experience. We can now explore, at ground level, community amenities that are proposed using virtual reality.

Buyers are seeking a safe purchasing experience, with 1:1 or no touch options both of which are available at Coulee Ridge and Connaught Commons.

Furthermore we are learning that more buyers want to purchase a home on their own terms using the power of online technologies. They often know more about what they want than the professionals. They do their research and homework. They are informed buyers. For them design matters. They include placemaking and sustainability as key influencers in their decision making. Virtual reality allows people to put these pieces together and create the space they want with more resources and certainty than ever before.

With our technology we introduce to you the power of immersive technology to explore, create and showcase the greatest investment of your life. We have teamed up with builders to showcase using immersive virtual reality technology some of the homes that they will be building in Coulee Ridge.